Thursday, April 22, 2010

Functional Storage

I hesitate to show you this project because our bonus room/office gets used a lot for homework, making crafts, sewing, small painting projects, etc. Several years ago Mr. Fanatic built me a beautiful 4 ft x 6 ft work island that sits in the middle of the room & there is always a project or two on it.This room is always being used. Mr. Fanatic uses the nook near the window as his office. It is NOT a pretty room and I am NOT going to show it to you just yet. This room & the garage are the last rooms to get cleaned up & made pretty because we have so much stuff in them & both of the rooms are a catch-all while we get our house ready to sell. In January my husband installed a closet in this room so that we could list it as a 5 bedroom.

This is what it looked like before adding the closet. The builder originally spec'd this room for a closet, but my husband's office was in this corner before we moved things around, so we had the builder leave it out. Guess I should have tidied up those bookcases before I took the photo : /

Here's what the inside looked like after he finished the project. We had to move on to another project so we waited for another weekend to install an organizer.

Problem was .... this is what it ended up looking like for a couple of months. There is also a 4 ft stack of boxes of fabric on the left. It just kept getting messier every time I had to dig something out for a project.

So, last week week my husband built in an organizer.

And now it looks like this.

This is much better, but if we were staying in the house we would have spent the extra $150+ and built removable shelves all the way down to the floor in the center. But, at least now I can get to all my boxes without rummaging through all the others and without making a huge mess of the closet : )

(The dress is one of my oldest daughter's prom dresses that I am currently working on. Funny -- it is really a teal GREEN, not blue as it appears in the photo.)

Last night I was looking at the closet rods and thinking ... hmmmmm. In our NEXT office I might have Mr. Fanatic add 6 or so rods for my wrapping paper. Wouldn't that be swanky! What do you think????

Tomorrow is Prom and I've finished altering the dress above & adding straps to both my girls dresses. My oldest is going to another school's Prom on Saturday & I still have to add straps & hem that dress, so today I will be spending the day in my office. Tomorrow will be a day of primping - getting hair and nails done. What fun! 

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  1. THe dress is a gorgeous color, I can't wait to see pics! Your closet is awesome organized too...I am so behind in that category, I have to get to it!

  2. Love the closet, hope Prom is a ton of fun! I remember those days :) Thanks for all your sweet comments and for posting about my giveaway!


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