Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Wonderful Day In The North Carolina Mountains

Today we  took a day trip up to the Appalachian Mountains, specifically Grandfather Mountain and Blowing Rock. The 2 hour drive was really wonderful as the landscape was so green and the sky so blue. It was a beautiful day & not too hot.
Here is the view from inside the gate at Grandfather Mountain.

Several deer crossed the road slowly right in front of us.

Once at the top, the fog came in very quickly.

Here's the swinging bridge that we walked across to get to the overlook on Grandfather Mountain.

The view from the bridge,

Here we are on the overlook.

Just as fast as the fog came in, it went out. What a view!

We stopped off & had an ice cream cone across from the butterfly garden.

The also had some bears, otters and cougars there.
After Grandfather Mountain we went to the quaint little town of Blowing Rock and did some shopping ... but I will tell you about that another time! 

Hope you had a great day!



  1. Wait, huh?! Are those WILD bears?!?!

  2. The bears were behind a wall, but I was very nervous because they didn't seem that far away!

  3. Great photos. We have been there a couple of times. Looks like a day of fun.

  4. I think if I could choose a place to retire it would be Blowing Rock. I was there two years ago when the town honored Jan Karon for her Mitford book series. I loved it!!! Lucky you to be able to just drive there.
    Ladybug Creek

  5. Can you believe we have never been there? We talk about it, but think it is a Fall trip:) Great family day and pictures.

  6. What a spectacular view, can't think of a better day, than out in nature. . .You saw more wildlife than we saw on our last visit to Yellowstone Park!

  7. Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Beautiful photos! I miss my mountains of Tennessee so much! The fog made me think of visiting the Eagle's Nest in Austria. It was so high up that clouds would roll in. You would be standing there, see a cloud off in the distance and 5 minutes later be covered in clouds so thick you could barely see your hand in front of your face! Awesome!

    Looks like such a relaxing, fun family time!

  9. Wish we had views like that around here. I'd love to be able to hike in the mountains.

  10. Soooo pretty! We don't have anything like that around Louisiana!

  11. What lovely views. Bears too!

    - The Tablescaper

  12. Wonderful photos...yet another place I need to visit in this great country!


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