Thursday, February 3, 2011

Do You Have a Favorite Paintbrush?

Several months back, someone from Purdy contacted me to see if I would like to receive a free Prep & Paint Kit. Of course I said yes, because I LOVE Purdy paint brushes and paint rollers and because, well, I like free things! 
This package has been sitting in my Master Closet as a constant reminder that I needed to tell everyone what I thought. Problem was....we had no painting projects to do around the house where I could use  these items because we couldn't do any painting projects around the house while the house was up for sale.
Now that we are painting the Dining Room, I finally am able to use the items & tell you what I think.

 First off, I didn't need a free kit to know how great  Purdy brushes and rollers are. They are the only brushes and rollers I have used to paint a room in a very long time. That's not to say I'm not open to suggestion. They cost a little more, but they last a long time if you take care of them. I'm talking years! They also do a superb job!

The 2 1/2" brush that came in the kit is perfect for painting doors or is great for a guy to use. My favorite brush is the 1 1/2" brush. The 6 in 1 painters tool is good for prying paint cans open, scraping, etc. It's much better than a screwdriver, or in my case, an oyster knife.

Here's the paintbrush I am currently using to cut in the wall paint. It's a 1 " brush which is good for painting a straight line close to the trim. I think I've used this brush for several years now and it still does a fabulous job!

So, do you have a favorite paintbrush or tool that you have to have?

Just so you know, even though Purdy sent me the painting kit, they didn't pay me or tell me what to write.
It's back to painting the Dining Room trim and wainscoting for me today... day 3~ two more to go!

Hope you have a nice day!



  1. Pam, I always use Purdy, too. They last for a long time if cleaned properly and stored. I prefer the 2 1/2 angled one for all my painting. Looking forward to your dining room reveal.

  2. Its the most important thing to have right tools and equipments Pam

  3. I haven't used that brand before but I'll keep it in mind for the next project.
    Thanks for the tip!

  4. Purdy is the only paintbrush i use. They really are the best.


  5. I just bought my first Purdy brush last weekend....a little short handled 2 inch angled brush which is now my new BFF! I've heard so much about Purdy brushes but didn't want to fork out the extra $$ but since the cheaper ones get replaced rather quickly I believe the extra $$ spent will save me in the long run.


  6. I've had my Purdy brushes for years. They are worth every penny, and I take very good care of them. I'm a trompe l'oeil artist, and I 've painted a number of wall murals. Check out my archives...I think that the name of the post is 'If It Doesn't Move, Paint It.' I'll be eager to see your dining room makeover. Huge disruption with huge rewards. Thank you for stopping by my post. There are 85 pages of tureens on eBay...some of them are amazing deals. Check it out! Cherry Kay

  7. I never used purdy...but I am purdy sure I will try one now!

  8. I do!! I don't know how old it is but it's been used in three of our homes :) It's my trim brush and we just have the greatest working pattern going for us :)

  9. The dresser turned out so well. I can only imagine the before!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  10. Right on! Purdy is best and that 6 in 1 tool is a terrific tool. We used it this summer when the exterior of the house was painted.


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