Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wax Paper Crayon Hearts

Saw some wax paper crayon hearts on Martha Stewart awhile back and thought they'd be fun to make.

Here's mine...

I used crayons leftover from raising our two girls. Yup, still have them in a drawer in the basement.

I shaved some red and white crayons onto a sheet of wax paper, covered it with another sheet of wax paper. Then I put these two pieces between two pieces(top & bottom) of newspaper and ironed. You can read better instructions on Martha Stewart. Here hearts have less shavings and are spread more evenly.

 The windows in our breakfast room is a perfect place for them.

Little wax paper crayon hearts might be fun hanging from the chandelier, as well.The big ones look so cheery on this dreary day.
Hope you had a fun weekend! 
Wish I could say the same :(    I really can't stand not being able to fix something. Are you the same way?


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  1. This is totally adorable Pam. What a fun pick me up for your windows. I did Valentines too, but there was no specific for the month, you will see all kinds I am sure. Thanks so much for joining me! Have did a great job!

  2. OOO, I love these pretty hearts. You really did a super good job.:))

  3. wow, now remembering how we did this as kids so why have I not tried that with my own kiddos yet? So cute in your beautiful breakfast area :)
    Visiting you from Debbiedoo's, take a look at my Valentine Menu at Curb Alert! and hope you follow along as well! ~Tami

  4. Saw you at Debbiedoos, I love this idea! How does Martha come up with these ideas!


  5. I remember doing this when I was a kid but I'd forgotten about it! Great copy cat!

  6. What a neat idea, Pam! You did good! They look so pretty in your dining room windows!


  7. Cute project Pam! I love the way you have them displayed.

    I hope it all works out for you... I agree that it's so hard not to be able to fix things!

    Take care,

  8. How pretty! The possiblities are endless with this project. Great copy!

  9. Cute, cute! Remembering these from when I taught! Always loved to do them! Yours look so good in the windows!

  10. That is totally adorable and looks so good in your windows! I hope everything is o.k. with your big girl!

  11. Hi Pam!
    Those are so cute! I hope things are ok with daughter in Cal. I know the ups and down since my daughter has been on her own (or semi-on her own)
    for a little while.

  12. Those are so cute! I would love for you to link up at my new Valentine Party at!

  13. I remember doing a project very similar to this when I was in grade school many, many years ago. Too cute! Now if I could just hunt up some old crayons.... LOL

  14. Pam these are great! I might give this a try. I have all the "ingredients".:-)

  15. I have always wanted to make those! Great inspiration, they look so pretty in your windows.
    Cheers, Andrea

  16. Oh MY ! HOw lovely ! I remember doing this technique on wax paper with crayon shavings for place-mats when I was a girl scout...
    and that was way long ago.
    your heart is amazing looking

  17. What a cute look! I love how simple they are to make, too! Thanks for sharing.

  18. this is really great!:D
    getting ready for valentines=)

  19. I came by to visit your blog after you left a lovely comment on our and I am so glad I did. I love this project. I have been thinking that I'd like to do something with my 10 year old daughter craft wise for Valentine's Day, but I needed an easy project because to be honest, I lose her attention really quickly when we do crafts. This is PERFECT! We have SO many crayons all over the place. We can recycle and craft together. Thank you for sharing the project idea.

    I think we've been following you for awhile now, but I don't think I've ever left a comment before.
    Love your blog!

    Eldarose from


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