Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Fall Vignette In The Foyer

Hello friends!

Yesterday it finally started feeling like Fall around here. It was cool in the morning and evening and it was sunny and warm without the humidity in the air. 
But, there were still a few mosquitoes buzzing about.
Makes me wish for the first hard freeze.
Did I say that?

Now that it's feeling like Fall, I thought I ought to bring out a few Fall decorations and set up a little vignette on the dresser in the foyer. 

I'm still loving the framed chalkboard I found on Craigslist. It used to be a mirror. You can see the post HERE if you missed it last year. 

I pulled from my single box of Fall decorations and put one of my glass cloches over some faux Fall foliage.

The moss covered ball in the bronze urn has turned a gorgeous golden brown. I might even like it better than when it was bright green. I collected the moss in the woods out back.  The grapevine pumpkin was in with the Fall decorations. A couple of vintage books and a magnifying glass finishes the vignette. 

I took these photos when the sun was low in the sky and shining in through the front door sidelights, making the walls look pinkish. 

I'd better hide the chalk because our daughter has some fascination with writing silly things on the chalkboard to see if I'll notice. 

I always eventually notice. hehe.
Has it cooled of where you are and what's your favorite Fall festivity?



  1. Pam gorgeous, LOVE that frame!!! It finally started feeing like fall here too and I am finally posting our d├ęcor.


  2. Oh, I'm loving that framed chalkboard, Pam. You've created a gorgeous vignette. It makes me want to go decorate something. LOL My favorite fall festivity isn't really a festivity, per se. I like making soups and stews when the leaves turn. xxx ~ Nancy

  3. That chalkboard is so fabulous and the whole vignette is just lovely Pam! :-)


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