Tuesday, October 14, 2014


With all our trips back and forth to the mountain cottage on weekends, packing has become a regular activity around here. Packing and unpacking can be monotonous and can eat up a lot of time before and after a trip, but I have a secret something that has really simplified packing and just might make your life easier too...

...and it will keep you organized...
(am I the only one who gets excited over being organized?)
Had to start off with a photo of the beautiful Craigslist find again. This is where my secret something gets tucked away...

No, it's not something from Victoria's Secret...
My secret is from eBags. (no I'm not being paid from eBags, nor have I been given these for free)
This is a Packing Cube, which came in a set of 3. I bought a set with 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large. After using them for awhile, I bought 3 more large cubes. 

Love them!
eBags, Packing Cubes, Travel, Traveling

Why do I think they are so special?
Because I can organize my clothes in them. For a working weekend trip to the mountain cottage I put pjs and underwear in one large Packing Cube and one large Packing Cube for t shirts and a pair of jeans. For a longer trip I use 2 more. If you happen to be flying to your destination, the Packing Cubes keep your clothes in order when TSA goes rummaging through your things.

Back to the packing cubes making my life easier...
When I unpack, I set it in the drawer of our beautiful dresser...
eBags, Packing Cubes, Travel, Traveling

and unzip the top...
eBags, Packing Cubes, Travel, Traveling

I don't take my clothes out of the Packing Cube at all. (for all you germaphobes who stay in a hotel, this means no unpacking your clean clothes in a drawer where some unknown person has put their underwear before you).

When it's time to pack, just zip up what's left and put it in your suitcase. The large one fits nicely in carry on luggage.
eBags, Packing Cubes, Travel, Traveling

Here I have two large Packing Cubes and a small packing cube in my carry on with room for probably 2 more large cubes.
eBags, Packing Cubes, Travel, Traveling
Can you tell I love these things? I bought some for my sister for her birthday last year and I hope she loves them too.

 I do have to tell you how I found out about them. Kimberly Hites from Pariscope Home told me (and Kim from Savvy Southern Style and Shirley from Housepitality Designs) about them. She, Kim and Shirley were going to France on a trip and I was lucky enough to hear Kimberly share a bunch of her traveling tips. Thanks Kimberly!

Do you have any time saving secrets you use when you travel? 

Would love to hear about them!


disclosure: if you click on the amazon.com link and purchase an item, I will make a small commission your purchase. This hasn't affected what I wrote about the eBags Packing Cubes. 

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  1. I've thought about buying some of these so many times…but I use the extra large zip-lock bags and they work just fine! In fact, I find them better because I can see inside as I'm packing. But no, not as convenient to put in a drawer and use as is… In any case, anything like this that keeps clothes organized is great! I don't know how we all used to just put random clothes in a suitcase! What a mess that must have been!


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