Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Breakfast Table

With Easter just a few days away, I figured I should get out of bed to at least set the Breakfast Table.
If y'all are wondering why I've been in bed, go to this post HERE
Last week we went to Chicago for my mother in  law's memorial and I've been really tired since we've been back and have been recuperating by just sleeping a lot. 
 I finally mustered up a little energy (about 20 minutes worth), and felt I should use it decorating the table. 

The Breakfast Room is the easiest room to decorate for any Holiday or Season. 

Since I haven't been shopping in awhile, I set the table with things I already had. I can't remember where I got those cute little bunny napkin rings, but most everything else was found at HomeGoods. 

Kitty has been preoccupied with the outdoors now that the weather turning warmer and the sun is shining.

I hot glued some string to some Easter eggs and tied a silver bow around the string and hung them on the branches in a glass vase. 

I just remembered I'm going to break my no sugar, no dairy, no gluten diet tonight and have 1 slice of homemade pizza! I'm drooling already. 
Woo hoo!



  1. Looks wonderful Pam :-). I was hoping you were bouncing back more quickly. Love the bunnies! Rest up and have a joyous Easter!

  2. Well Pam, you certainly did a great job for 20 min. worth ! I am just hoping you were able to enjoy Easter and will begin to have a little more energy. We went for a walk yesterday, partly in the woods, and I DID think of you and the ticks. I scoured myself, my clothes, and my husband when we got home. You have certainly alerted me, so thank you!


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