Monday, March 23, 2015

The Upstairs Attic Bedroom At The Mountain Cottage

We were up at the mountain cottage this weekend and the weather was a bit warmer. 
It's so nice to not have to walk around the house all bundled up just to stay warm!
We currently have a gas fireplace, but can't wait to change it out for an efficient wood burning stove, but that won't be for some time.
Mr. DIY was busy working on the kitchen reno, patching walls and changing out electrical outlets for shiny new Decora ones. Next time we'll prime the walls, then paint. After that we'll he'll be installing the cabinets. We're not sure when that will be because we need to spend some time at our house getting it ready for sale. 


Meanwhile, I wanted to share a few changes to the upstairs bedroom at the mountain cottage that make it feel  a little more cozy. 

 The biggest change that was added is the rug I found on Rugs USA awhile back.

We originally bought a smaller size, but ended up using it in the downstairs bedroom and ordering a large 9 x 12 foot rug in the same pattern.
I've been searching for 2 nightstands on Craigslist for MONTHS, but haven't been successful.
In the meantime, I'm using on of the two french style nightstands at awhile back for the downstairs bedroom on one side and a cute cottage plant stand I found at a little shop near my home.

Had to cut a few blooming maple tree branches and bring them inside to remind me that Spring is here!

 The dark gray quilt  and pillows are the Alina from Ikea. The white down (alternative) comforter was found at HomeGoods.  The comforter alone has kept me warm on a couple of very cold nights!

I found the nesting baskets at HomeGoods awhile back.

I wish I could show you a finished window treatment. Now that I'm finished with tax prep I can start on them. The fabric arrived about a month ago.

Still loving the light grey dresser. The closet is too small for everyday living, but I hardly even use it on the weekends we go up. 

The reason the dresser is set all the way to the right on the wall is because the space in front of the baskets is reserved for the vintage chair that used to be my grandmother's. I can't decide if I want to have it reupholstered first.

The light grey on the wall is Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist (in eggshell). I think we're going to repaint our bedroom at home the same color.

I love how this bedroom turned out. It's come a long way since the we bought the house a year and a half ago. You can see the awful before HERE.

Hope you have a great week!

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  1. Such a beautiful and cozy room Pam. Love the rug. You must be so proud of what you and your hubby have accomplished with bringing that cabin to life!

  2. It's simple and stylish...perfect for a get-a-way home! ;)

  3. Great changes Pam. You must be so proud of all you accomplished


  4. It is gorgeous. I love it so pretty and inviting.

  5. What a cozy and stylish room. I love the rug and the dresser a lot!

  6. Love this cozy space, Pam. You are selling your home? Moving to the cottage?

  7. What an incredible difference!!! It is just lovely, and warm, and sophisticated. Can't believe the befores and all you have done. How are you feeling? Better, I am hoping. Wait: weren't you in Chicago this week (thanks, Instagram!) with daughter(s)? That must mean you are feeling better…..

  8. Your room looks cozy and I like the bedding you've chosen! You've definitely transformed it a lot from the look it had before to a more updated and useable space.


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