Thursday, March 23, 2017

How To Store Spices When You Have Open Shelves In Your Kitchen

Since we will have open shelves instead of cabinets on the range side of the kitchen at the Mountain Cottage, I needed to come up with a pretty solution to store spices.  I  thought cottage/farmhouse style tiered tray would be perfect, so I looked high and low for a tiered tray that would fit on the counter without taking up too much space and fit easily under the open shelves. Here's what I found...

It's a cute, farmhouse or cottage style galvanized tiered tray. I found it at CurtisCreations,com

 We don't have too many spices at our mountain cottage, so the tray holds everything we need and then some.

As you can see there's extra space and plenty of room to hold more bottles of spices, should we purchase more.

I keep savory spices such as salt and garlic powder on the top tier and sweet spices & things for baking on the bottom tier. 

It's perfect for what we need.

As you might have surmised from the photos, the kitchen at the Mountain Cottage is coming along nicely. The butcher block counter tops are installed, as well as the white subway tile. Mr. DIY installed the frames for the open shelving last weekend. 
It's so nice to start working on the Mountain Cottage again after nearly a year long hiatus (with a few exceptions) due to getting our house ready to sell, moving/downsizing and doing projects at our new house. 

How do you organize your spices?


Here are some tiered trays available on Amazon that would be perfect in the kitchen. (affiliate links)
* Make sure the tray will fit under your wall cabinets, if that's where you plan to put it.


  1. Great idea Pam and cute! I have a wall cupboard for my seasonings and spices and it has a spice rack built on the back of the door to hold the bottles. Can't wait to see the whole kitchen!

    1. Thanks Liz! I could probably use a spice rack on the back of our cabinet door at home like you have. I can't wait to have the whole kitchen done.

  2. If you like to buy spices from the same manufacturer, putting them in a nice storage carrier like this will be a wonderful way to show all of them off!

    1. I measured my spices and made sure they would all fit. The top tier can handle jars that might be a little taller.

  3. That's a really neat way to have your spices in storage, but I would prefer some shelving attached to the wall instead to save you some counter space.

    1. That's a good alternative if you have the wall space. We have a really small kitchen with open shelves on either side of the stove and I didn't want the spices on the shelves. The pantry was too many steps away, so they ended up on the tiered tray. This is our home away from home, so it works for us.


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