Saturday, September 7, 2019

Farmhouse Coffee Table

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Mr. DIY made our youngest daughter a farmhouse coffee table several months back. Our daughter asked for months and he squeezed it in, between the other projects at the Mountain Cottage. 
I never showed the farmhouse coffee table to you because I don't think I was at her apartment since then to take some final pics.  

If you remember, Mr DIY made a Farmhouse bed for our youngest a year or so ago. I'll link the bed at the end of the post. 
farmhouse coffee table, stain, farmhouse style, diy

Our daughter recently moved to a new apartment and the sofa that was in the previous apartment was much larger and the coffee table was made for that, so it seems a bit large for the current sofa. Hopefully, she'll have the coffee table for a long time and there will be larger sofas.
farmhouse coffee table, stain, farmhouse style, diy

I think she's still looking for a few perfect baskets for the shelf.
farmhouse coffee table, stain, farmhouse style, diy

I love the herringbone top. It really adds to the style.
farmhouse coffee table, stain, farmhouse style, diy

farmhouse coffee table, stain, farmhouse style, diy

farmhouse coffee table, stain, farmhouse style, diy

The style wasn't difficult to make. 
The finish is Classic Gray by Minwax

farmhouse bed, farmhouse coffee table, farmhouse style, diy

Here's the link to the Farmhouse bed.

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  1. Pam.....Love your blog and just have to tell you that you and your husband remind me so much of my husband and me. But, we have been married 56 years. We are so lucky to have such talented husbands that build any crazy ideas that we come up with. There is not a room in our house that we haven't touched and I love it. I can't imagine being married to someone that can't do all these things. You and I are both very lucky BUT so are they! I'm hoping that you're building some of these things, too. So much fun.

    1. Thanks so much Sandi! Wow, 56 years! Congratulation! We've been married 33 years this past May.
      I agree, we are VERY lucky and it would be hard to be married to someone who couldn't build things!

  2. Wow that looks really great! I love a big coffee table. I like the color he stained it too.


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