Monday, September 8, 2014

Creating More Storage

I keep saying over and over that every project at our mountain cottage is designed with storage in mind. 
Our mountain cottage is a small house at under 966 square feet, but I think it's actually less than that. Storage was lacking in every single room when we purchased the house and we're trying to remedy that feature. 

Who couldn't use more storage?

You might remember seeing our plan and that we had to use the old closet to build our World's Smallest Half Bath. The new closet, which I will show you another time, only gives us about 4 feet of hanging and one shelf above for clothes. That's hardly enough space for for anyone's clothing. We needed some shelving for shoes, folded items, linens and yes, maybe even some books. 
We still were using the existing footprint of the old closet lengthwise, but we felt that taking 12" for some floor to ceiling built in shelving would greatly add to the storage in the room without taking too much space from the already tiny bathroom. (although taking out this space created a challenge for a sink and countertop, which was the reason for creating a Custom Countertop)

It began in the framing stage...

...the bookcase would be 12" deep, finished, not including the space needed for the plumbing and the built in medicine cabinet. 
Mr. DIY set the bottom shelf in place after the drywall was installed...

...then a piece of mdf in for the top, with a hole cut out for a light. 

Mr. DIY used his Kreg Jig Pocket Hole tool so the shelving could be adjustable. 

He installed the sides, installed a light,  cut the holes for the lightswitch and Studor Vent(vent for the plumbing so he didn't have to cut a hole in the roof) and caulked all the seams. 

All of the shelves are edged with molding. 

After the molding was installed, Mr. DIY handed the project off to me to fill all the holes and paint. 

It took me a couple of weekends to do the painting. The trim and the shelving are painted with Benjamin Moore's Decorator White. 
I also recommend doing a couple of coats of water based poly on every shelf, so things don't stick to the shelves. 

Look at all that space!

So far, there are only a few things on one shelf. I'm sure there's more to come...

So far in this bedroom suite the storage includes a Custom Built In Medicine Cabinet, a Storage Bed and a Custom Built In Bookcase. Directly across from the built in bookcase/shelving is the closet, which I will show you another time.
Not bad for storage for a small house,
wouldn't you say?

From My Front Porch to  Yours
A Stroll Thru Life

Disclaimer: The above post is about how we built our storage shelves. We don't take any responsibility for any errors or results obtained from using this information. Using power tools can result in injury. When using power tools, use safety equipment.


  1. You guys are amazing. This is fabulous. I love it. Great place to store all kinds of sweaters, books, knick-knacks and tons of things.

  2. Looks awesome and will give you great storage! One question; where is the shower? I couldn't tell from the drawing.

    1. We so desperately wanted to put a shower in the upstairs bathroom, but unfortunately, the bathroom is only 32" wide and couldn't fit one in. The wall that the toilet is on is angled, since the bedroom is in the attic. We also didn't want to take any more space from the bedroom. You can read about our "Worlds Smallest Half Bath" here:

  3. Great project and how smart to take advantage of an otherwise unused space. Y'all did a great job and it looks amazing.

  4. Pam it's pretty exciting to see how your cottage is coming along. You and Mr. Fanatic make a great team. Looking so good! Thanks for your sweet comment, tis is true back in the day I stunk, getting a little better as the years go by with crafting. The thing is, I really like it:)

  5. That looks just great! You are maximizing every inch for storage..great job!

  6. Wow Pam that's wonderful. Using every available space is wise. It turned out great too!

  7. Wow, so nice, Pam! You are so talented....Christine

  8. Looks great Pam! Your little cottage is going to be the bomb!

  9. Fabulous use of space! You can never have too much storage. ~Sonya

  10. Just great!! I'm a huge fan of adding storage everywhere, whether it be built in or utilizing furniture. It's the key to being organized. What a wonderful job you did with this and how lucky you are to have someone to help!!


  11. Oh gosh I love it! I'm such a sucker for built-in storage! :)


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